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Why is it important for people to vote?

With a government elected by its citizens, this affects every aspect of our lives, from schools to health care to homeland security.  Voting is an extremely important privilege in our society.  By voting, you are making your voice heard and you register your opinion on how you think the government should operate.  If you do not vote, you have no say in what's going on in your community, neighborhood, county or state.   

  • If you are looking for someone that has been in law enforcement for almost three decades that knows and understands people... 

  • If you are looking for someone that you can be proud of, someone you can trust and someone who will be your voice... 

  • If you are looking for someone that will keep you in the loop and not beat around the bush...

  • If you are looking for someone that will tell you the truth...​​ 

Texas Law prohibits contributions from corporations and foreign nationals and requires the full name, address, job title/occupation and employer for reporting purposes. Contributions are not tax deductible. Any information you provide will be kept private and used only to inform supporters of events and services to be offered and provided by the campaign. For the sole purpose of getting Deke Pierce elected as your next constable.

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